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General Information

The Cambridge University Massage Society offers its members a foundations course in Swedish Massage, and workshops in a number of other massage styles. Courses and workshops are announced via the massage-all mailing list. Sign-ups are arranged via email with the course administrator.

Foundations (£35)

The Foundations course provides an introduction to basic techniques in Swedish Massage. You will cover a different part of the body in each of the classes, giving you ample opportunity to work on your technique.

At each class there will be an initial demonstration given by the instructor and then students pair up to practice. Classes typically last one and a half to two hours and are likely to follow the schedule outlined below:

  1. Session 1 — Introduction to Massage, Contra-indications, Hands & Feet
  2. Session 2 — Arms & Stomach
  3. Session 3 — Legs
  4. Session 4 — Back
  5. Session 5 — Neck, Face, Scalp
  6. Session 6 — Seated Shoulder (through clothes)

You will receive a bottle of massage oil at the first class. Please note that the class handout should only be used in conjunction with our classes and the society takes no liability whatsoever regarding the use of techniques described in the handout without previous training.

The classes are taught by experienced members of the society, often those who have passed the professional course we run.

After attending Foundations it will usually be possible for you to take an assessment. Passing the assessment makes you eligible to represent the society at the events in June.


One-off workshops are run from time to time. Each workshop covers a particular style of massage, for example sports massage. Prior experience is not usually required.

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